Dr. Stoker and her staff are attentive to the relationship between proper dental health and their patients’ overall health.  Research has shown a connection between gum disease and heart disease.  Dr. Stoker and her staff have been specially trained to diagnose and treat gum infections using the most effective, painless methods. (Use of this method could help you avoid painful gum surgery.)

Beyond this, Dr. Stoker provides ample time for the hygienists to do a thorough, gentle cleaning and each patient is carefully evaluated with a comprehensive examination (many patients remark that Dr. Stoker provides the most thorough examination they have ever experienced.)

Perio Protect Trays®

Perio Protect Trays® were approved by the FDA in 2004 with the intended use to place solutions of the clinician’s choice (usually a hydrogen peroxide gel) into gingival crevices or periodontal pockets, the space that can develop between teeth and gum tissues when gum disease is present. Dentists may prescribe Perio Protect Trays® when medications placed into the periodontal pocket could benefit a patient’s oral health. Dr. Stoker’s hygienists use Precision Ultrasonics technology with a special anti-bacterial rinse that fights periodontal disease below the gum line.

A Perio Protect Tray® is uniquely designed to fit each patient precisely. An impression of your mouth will be taken and sent with a prescription to a specialized dental laboratory for custom fabrication. Patients will receive detailed usage instructions based on their individual needs. For most people, the Perio Protect Tray® is used for only minutes each day. Patients describe the Perio Protect Tray® as comfortable, convenient, and easy to use.